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Becoming a Professional Poker Player

Over the years, a lot of people wanted to become a professional poker player. Professional poker income comes in cash prizes, which can be quite attractive especially to someone who isn’t aware how casinos operate. Before you even start, keep in mind that there are thousands of professional poker players around, not to mention those who play really good but are not considered pros. So what does it take to become a professional?

Win consistently

In order to live from your winnings, the number one rule that you have to remember is that you should be able to win consistently. You need to objectively assess the level of your skill before you even take the leap of fate and become a professional poker player. If you don’t have sufficient skills to win against good poker players, forget about becoming a professional.

Have a record book

It is important that you are obsessed with poker. You want to make sure that you are taking note of both your victories and losses in order to adjust your strategies as necessary. Keep in mind that you will need to log thousands of hours playing poker the smart way in order to improve and ensure that you get better in the process.

Always have a Plan B

A lot of professional poker players do not have a Plan B on how to pay the bills. Why not work a few hours a day and play some poker at night? This is a strategy that you can do in order to have some money to make sure that all your necessities are secured.

Go where the money is

Once you are confident with what you do, you will need to target where the money is. Keep in mind that your salary is going to be dependent on your winnings. Always look for venues where you can compete. It is always a good idea to start small. Secure your wins and make sure that you learn from every win or loss. Also search for a good casinobonus which you can find on before you deposit because that would earn you a lot of money.

Watch other players do it

It is important that you also learn from other people who are already successful in the game. Make sure that you take note of what they are doing that makes them successful. You can watch YouTube videos of pros do it. This way, you will be able to learn from the best.

Are you now serious becoming a pro? Can you take the risks associated with this move?

Live Poker Game vs. Online Poker Game

Poker is gaining popularity to different individuals today. It is a game wherein strategy can play a role on how you win or lose. Given the availability of the internet, it is now possible to play the game online. But what makes it different from playing in an actual casino?

If you are going to ask the pros, they will give you different opinions regarding online and live poker games. It’s an age-old discussion which is a better form of poker. Do you succeed better when you play live game poker than online? If you are still confused on which one to try, we’ll be discussing things that are pertinent to this comparison.

Attack and defense

Those who play live poker and those who play online are different from each other. You can use this to your advantage to win. It has been observed by a lot of experts that the ones used to playing live poker are looser for lower buy-in levels than the ones who play online. For those who are playing online, it is typical that they tend to be more aggressive. Knowing these attitudes can play a crucial role in your overall strategy when playing.

Online poker game is faster

The major difference between online and actual poker is that online poker allows more number of hands at play. If you will check online casinos, you’ll most likely find 100 to 120 hands. In an actual casino, you will rarely see 40 hands.

Win anonymously online

Another major difference of online casinos is that you win anonymously. If you are a professional poker player, no one is going to know that it is really you who is playing. However, if you plan on making headlines and making a career out of playing poker, you want to head to an actual casino.


Part of the game is to intimidate your opponents when you have weak hands, or to look vulnerable when you have strong hands. This isn’t happening when you are playing online. In reality, a lot of players are more pressured when doing it live.


A lot of players who go to casinos are typically in a mood to party and celebrate. Playing poker in an actual casino can be a good thing if you are in a merry mood. However, those who are playing online are typically serious about winning some serious cash or improving their overall knowledge of the game. Could you imagine traveling for miles just to play some poker? It is convenient to play online poker; however, always expect that you will be encountering serious and aggressive players.

If you plan on playing poker, it is important that you first have to know if you are doing it for fun or professionally. If you are doing it professionally, the things we mentioned will come in handy when it comes to dealing with competitors. If you are doing it for fun, expect that the best fun is in an actual casino. However, you can learn a lot from doing things online.

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